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Tim O’Hara: His Athletic Life And Times

Tim O’Hara: His Athletic Life And Times is the latest book of retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Timothy James O’Leary III.

Join Timothy O’Hara, one of the most outstanding athletes of his time and naval aviator of Advanced Stealth Fighter Aircraft, in all his extraordinary adventures. Fall in love with Shelley O’Leary, his love interest. Marvel at the powers of Christopher and Colette Roberts-Crawford who have the ability to bring those who have died back to life. Meet Brett Favre.....


Author Timothy J. O’Leary III’s sixth sojourn into a science fiction military time travel fantasy, THE ENTITY’S CHOSEN, continues the exciting adventures of The Dimensional Gateway Trilogy’s cast of characters. This book sends the reader back in time to witness the alteration of historical events.

Like the previous books, THE ENTITY’S CHOSEN involves military aircrafts and time travel. The new twist added in this installment is the introduction of a new character, Commander J Hunter King.

He is the consummate.....

The Portal

The Portal is the first one in the “Dimensional Gateway Trilogy” of the Shawn Crawford adventures in aviation. It is about a portal, a wormhole, in the atmosphere that is found by or finds elite pilots through a timeline of centuries. It transports them into a zone ruled by a mysterious power who plays with their ability to fly all kinds of aircraft. It’s pulse-pounding air force action at its finest.

He is the consummate Warrior, somewhat of the antithesis.....


The second book in Timothy J. O’Leary III’s “Dimensional Gateway Trilogy,” THE ENTITY picks up where The Portal left off with CW2 Shawn Crawford continuing to question the meaning of the portal’s existence.

In this riveting sequel, Warrant Officer Crawford becomes “acquainted” with The Entity itself through the passing of critical aviation assignments leading to the denial of assassination attempts on famous and significant world personalities. Mr. Crawford utilizes his martial arts and piloting expertise in advanced military aircraft to.....

The Entity’s Child

This time various renowned personalities team together to eradicate the hate and injustice in the world through the heroic assistance of Sir Shawn Crawford and his fellow warriors. Their medium for achieving success is via the Portal, a sometime elusive door that propels them both backward and forward in time. Sir Shawn’s two children, Christopher and Colette, lend their powers and skills to assist in creating a world order that had to be saved from the brink of annihilation.



Shawn Crawford’s submersion into historic events is facilitated by the Guardian of the Portal, known as The Entity. Crawford’s missions entail the saving of Presidents and Civil Rights Leaders, namely Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mahatma Gandhi. Shawn’s exploits also detail his adventures in flight, both in helicopter and modern-era jet aircraft. Together with the Entity’s son, Christopher, Shawn Crawford overcomes adversity and instills a positive atmosphere of fun, adventure, and heroism......

Freeing Kuwait: A Soldier’s Memoir

The book is a personal account of preparing and going to war during Operation Desert Shield/Storm. It depicts the details of organizing and developing unit plans to meet the needs of a wartime mission. Freeing Kuwait: A Soldier’s Memoir presents a daily summary of actual events experienced by the author. It also provides information relating to Iraq’s turmoil following the cessation of the ground war. Join Timothy O’Leary in relieving this part of his life