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Embark on extraordinary adventures aboard advanced stealth fighter aircrafts in these two books by retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Timothy James O’Leary III

Tim O’Hara: His Athletic Life And Times

And take the most exciting ride imaginable in spatio incognita (unknown space) of the “wild blue yonder” with…

The Portal
and, his latest oeuvre,

Enter the gateway into the borders of scientific inquiry and heady adventure involving The United States Air Force (USAF), its pilots, and airmen. Integrating military action, future technology, and futuristic developments, these mind-expanding books are certain to draw readers into the “Dimensional Gateway Trilogy.”



This time various renowned personalities team together to eradicate the hate and injustice in the world through the heroic assistance of Sir Shawn Crawford and his fellow warriors. Their medium for achieving success is via the Portal, a sometime elusive door that propels them both backward and forward in time. Sir Shawn’s two children, Christopher and Colette, lend their powers and skills to assist in creating a world order that had to be saved from the brink of annihilation.

Experience the thrill brought by the action-packed adventures of Christopher and Colette as author Timothy J. O’Leary III brings you The Entity’s Child, the final chapter in the Dimensional Gateway Trilogy.

In his latest book, Tim O’Leary presents The Dimensional Gateway, the third in a compilation of three books that chronicle the adventures of Shawn Crawford, the Protector of the weak and helpless. His heroic sojourns through time are significant in the action undertaken to right the wrongs of the past.


Freeing Kuwait: A Soldier’s Memoir lets you experience the turmoil of the ground war in Iraq through the author’s eyes.